Saturday, June 22, 2013

OMG I'm back!

Yes, After taking a hefty hiatus to write my novel I am finally back. In truth though, I think it's Twitter that has made me lazy. All I have to do is come up with 140 characters. That's just too easy. It's not even words... in fact it's generally something like fifteen words. Right?

So, I'm going to continue my lazy streak and blog some of my favorite...well...some of my tweets. So anyway, without any further ado, here they are:
  • # hmmm...It used to be called the pound symbol.When did it turn into a hash tag? The drug crowd has way too much influence on twitter. :)
  • I drank tequilla then mowed my lawn in honor of Cinco de Mayo.
  • My Hubby bought an power screw driver, not he's screwing everything up.
  • Since my house has lost values.I finally understand why my Realtor called himself a "broker"."
  • That feeling you get when you see an armored car and think, "Yeah, I could take that"? That's how I feel about ice cream trucks."-Chuck Watkins@ChuckWatkinsEsq
  • Don't you wish you had an "undo" button for life's everyday little "oh crap"s.
  • What do you get if you cross an atheist with a Jehovah's witness? Someone who knocks on your door for no reason at all. it's
  • Discovered a superhero today called 'Arm Fall Off Boy'  who’s power is to detach his own arm and use it to whack his enemies with." (It's real, see attached photo.)
  • #Fall-Off-Arm-Boy. It would be interesting to see him battle it out with Kick Butt Boy.

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