Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Body is a Temple…okay, maybe the Temple of Doom

My doctor is always telling me to take better care of myself and get more exercise. I told him that I do exercise certain parts of my body. In making my point, I showed him just how strong my middle finger was. He didn’t seem to appreciate it much; in fact he threw me out of his office.

It’s not like I’m completely out of shape, I do get exercise. I do chin ups…I lift my chin UP when I’m drinking, especially to get that last bit of my nutritional health drink that some call "wine". Seriously though, it could be worse. I have a friend whose diet plan is to smoke like a fiend and considers coughing part of her daily exercise routine.

Besides, I have seen just how big pants can get. I think giant pants are awesome! I actually got a pair and carry them around with me. I like to hold them up when anyone gives me a condescending look. For some reason it works well as a criticism deterrent. However, most people misunderstand the point. They assume that I once fit into these super-sized pants, when in fact, I’m showing them the grand goal I have set for myself!

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